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Pullman Profile by Antony M. FordThis is the third book in Antony Ford s acclaimed series on Pullman cars. This title is another beautifully printed volume produced on heavyweight art paper and includes illustrations and drawings. Also included are plans showing the second version of the renowned and well-remembered all-steel Pullman car. Introduced in the years prior to World War 2 many of these vehicles remained in frontline service right up to the end of locomotive-hauled Pullman trains in the United Kingdom and as such have developed a rightful following. Fortunately a limited number survive in preservation. As with the previous volumes in this series much attention has been paid to detail the interior design paneling and of course the famous Pullman table lamps. A worthy addition to the series and a must have for any rail and transport enthusiast.Pullman Profile by Antony M. Ford full details

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NSW Passenger Rollingstock / not Preserved (Page 1 … That Pullman car arrived in Dorrigo in 1986 by rail from Goulburn. That’s 3 years before the dispute started. The dispute ended over 7 years ago. Blaming others after so long is getting to be a big yawn.

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3642 repaint (Page 2) / Preservation and Tourist Railways … ArchTube, that 2nd panoramic shot of the 3 6 4 2 is absolutely magnificent. Thanks for sharing!

Not happy – Review of Pullman Cairns International, Cairns … Wow. Can’t even comprehend why this property hasn’t been gutted and refurbished. Paper thin walls, water pressure way too high (which probably has a lot to do with hot and cold water fluctuations every 5 seconds), rust everywhere, worn and tired fittings, furnishings stained and ready for the scrap heap, and utterly disappointing.

Faultless staff … – Review of Pullman Bali Legian Beach … I have recently stayed here again for 2 nights and my stay was amazing. From check in to check out we were made to feel like valued guests and its a credit to the management team to have such a happy, friendly and smiling staff. The room was spotlessly clean and the one thing I like is it is dark

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