Vintage Aircraft Nose Art

Vintage Aircraft Nose Art by Gary ValantHere is an unprecendented collection of the unique art that graced military aircraft in World War II and the Korean War. Applied by amateurs or professional artists like Vargas and Brinkman the art typically featured alluring women whose charms belied the deadly cargo the crew hoped to deliver to its targets. Hundreds of examples are shown in a combination of archival photos from the wars and current photos of artwork in museum collections. Fully captioned with aircraft type and unit assignment.Vintage Aircraft Nose Art by Gary Valant considerably more details

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Vintage Aircraft Nose Art | Commodore Workshop Manuals Vintage Aircraft Nose Art by Gary ValantHere is an unprecendented collection of the unique art that graced military aircraft in World War II and the Korean War.

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Vintage Aircraft Nose Art – sagin workshop car manuals … Vintage Aircraft Nose Art by Gary Valant Here is an unprecendented collection of the unique art that graced military aircraft in World War II and the Korean War.

Vintage Aircraft Nose Art – Here is an unprecendented collection of the unique art that graced military aircraft in World War II and the Korean War. Applied by amateurs or professional artists like Vargas and Brinkman, the art typically featured alluring women whose charms belied the deadly cargo the crew hoped to deliver to its targets.

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