The Complete Builder s Guide to Hot Rod Chassis and Suspension

The Complete Builder s Guide to Hot Rod Chassis Suspension by Jeff TannOne thing that has become very evident when browsing through the latest rodding magazines is that there is no shortage of options regarding suspensions for your rodding project. Various advertisers feature their latest fancy complete independent set-ups while car features cover a combination of both the latest and greatest vs. traditional styles of suspensions. Which ones are the best? How hard are they to install and how much is it going to cost? In How to Build Hot Rod Chassis highly regarded hot rodding author Jeff Tann covers everything enthusiasts need to know about designing and building their new chassis and suspension system. It thoroughly explores both factory and aftermarket frames modified factory solid-axle suspensions and aftermarket independent front and rear suspension setups. No matter what design a reader may be considering for his own car How to Build Hot Rod Chassis delivers a wealth of information on the pros and cons of all systems available. Whether you end up building a traditional or retro rod and stick with a conventional system go high-tech and get the latest and greatest or decide on a hybrid somewhere in between How to Build Hot Rod Chassis will guide you through the process of choosing installing and enjoying your hot rod s suspension. Integracar tries to give you a diverse assortment of maintenance manuals. Unfortunately workshop manuals can be produced for a range of countries and the cars engineered for those countries. Therefore not all repair manuals may be desirable for your selected vehicle. If you have questions whether a individual repair manual is eligible for your vehicle kindly contact us hereThe Complete Builder s Guide to Hot Rod Chassis Suspension by Jeff Tann additional info…..

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