Toyota Hiace Van 1989-2004 factory workshop and repair manual download

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Toyota Hiace van 1989-2004 factory workshop and repair manual on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zip File size is large at 161 Mb with some PDF documents with bookmarks. Introduction Cluch Manual Transmission Automatic Transmission Transfer 2wd 4 wd Propeller Shaft Suspension Axle Brake System Steering Body Body Electrical System Air Conditioning Service Specifications Standard Bolt Torque Specifications Sst Ssm Praparation Diagnostics Supplemental Restraint SystemBody ElectricalENGINES COVERED 2.0L 1RZ PETROL 2.0L 1RZ-E PETROL 2.4L 2RZ PETROL 2.4L 2RZ-E PETROL #12288; #12288; #12288; 2.4L 2L DIESEL 2.8L 3L DIESEL 3.0L 5L DIESELMODELS COVERED RZH100 102 104 105 109 112 113 114 115 119 125 135 153 series LH102 103 104 105 108 112 113 114 115 118 125 166 172 174 176 184 seriesAUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION COVERED A46DE A46DF A45DLMANUAL TRANMISSION COVERED G45 G52 G55 G56Toyota Hiace van 1989-2004 factory workshop and repair manual Download more details…..

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Toyota HiAce Reviews – The Toyota Hiace van with a Sunliner conversion delivers all of that. The fit out is of high quality and all the safety features are there. You can add some optional extras. I added a bull bar, a shower head to plug into the water tank and an annex to throw over the tail gate.

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