Toyota Landcruiser 1990 – 2007 Petrol 70 80 100 series Ellery Repair Manual – NEW

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Toyota Landcruiser 1990 – 2007 Petrol – Ellery Repair Manual NEWNEWToyota Landcruiser Petrol 1990-200770 s 80 s 100 Series Petrol 6 Cylinder V8Lexus 450 470 Other Toyota Car Repair Manuals click here Other Toyota Landcruiser Car Repair Manuals click hereThis manual covers all the Toyota Landcruiser and Lexus petrol 6 cylinder and V8 engines from 1990 to 2007 with 544 pages and over 1400 illustrations and photographs with step by step instructions. Suitable for everyone from the driver who likes to keep his running expenses down by carrying out some of the minor maintenance to the mechanic requiring comprehensive information.Tune-up and Maintenance chapter – for those little 5 minute jobs needed to keep everything running smoothly and help to keep your vehicle running longer.Engine chapters – 3 chapters 3F 3F-E 1FZ-F 1FZ-FE plus the V8 2UZ-FE. Chapters cover all little details such as identifying different blocks cranks and bearing codes. Our manuals guide you through all jobs such as removing an exhaust manifold to rebuilding an engine.The transmission chapters – give step by step photographs and instructions for maintenance and rebuild of the different manual and automatic transmissions. A transfer case chapter is also included.Front and rear axles plus suspension are well illustrated and described.The brake chapter includes both drum and disc brakes including general maintenance and replacing various parts.This manual includes all components of the vehicle such as a large body chapter heater cooling windscreen wipers and electrical schematics. The list of chapters is almost endless.This manual covers all the Toyota Landcruiser and Lexus petrol 6 cylinder and V8 engines from 1990 to 2005. It covers the following engines: 4.0 L (3956cc) 3F OHV 6 cylinder petrol 4.0 L (3956cc) 3F-E OHV 6 cylinder petrol4.5 L (4477cc) 1FZ-F DOHC 6 cylinder petrol4.5 L (4477cc) 1FZ-FE DOHC 6 cylinder petrol4.7 L (4664cc) 2UZ-FE DOHC per bank V8 petrol It also covers the following transmissions: H140F – 4 speed manualH150F – 5 speed manualH151F – 5 speed manualA440F – 4 speed automaticA442F – 4 speed automatic(does not include 5 speed automatic) Contents: # General Information. # Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance. # Emission Control. # 3F and 3F-E Petrol / Gasoline Engine Maintenance and Rebuild. # 1FZ-F and 1FZ-FE Petrol / Gasoline Engine Maintenance and Rebuild. # 2UZ-FE Petrol / link here

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