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Pullman Profile by Antony M. FordThis is the third book in Antony Ford s acclaimed series on Pullman cars. This title is another beautifully printed volume produced on heavyweight art paper and includes illustrations and drawings. Also included are plans showing the second version of the renowned and well-remembered all-steel Pullman car. Introduced in the years prior to World War 2 many of these vehicles remained in frontline service right up to the end of locomotive-hauled Pullman trains in the United Kingdom and as such have developed a rightful following. Fortunately a limited number survive in preservation. As with the previous volumes in this series much attention has been paid to detail the interior design paneling and of course the famous Pullman table lamps. A worthy addition to the series and a must have for any rail and transport enthusiast.Pullman Profile by Antony M. Ford additional info…..

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