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Mountain Bike Maintenance by Rob van der PlasThe mountain bike has continued to evolve with new types of brakes front and rear suspension and many other improvements. To take advantage of these improvements it is essential to maintain the bike and the best way to do that is doing as much of that work as possible yourself. This systematic and clearly illustrated book gives step-by-step instructions for handling the most common maintenance and repair jobs yourself. This title covers the following topics – Know Your Mountain Bike; Basic Procedures; Preventative Maintenance; Tools To Use; Wheel Removal and Installation; Tyres; Rim and Spokes; Hubs; Rim and Disc Brakes; Derailleur System; Crankset; Chain; Pedals; Seat; Steering System; Frame and Forks; Front and Rear Suspension; and Accessories. Integracar endeavors to make available a substantial array of maintenance manuals. Conversely maintenance manuals can sometimes be manufactured for totally different nations and the motorcycles manufactured for those countries. And thus not all service manuals may be fitting for your individual motor bike. If you have any concerns whether a particular owners manual is proper for your motorcycle please e-mail us hereMountain Bike Maintenance by Rob van der Plas considerably more details

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