Volkeswagen Transporter (Type 2) Workshop Manual 1963-1967

Volkeswagen Transporter (Type 2) Workshop Manual 1963-1967 by Volkswagen of AmericaIn the same tradition as our classic 1961-1965 Type 1 manual this manual offers owners of 1960s vintage Transporters the long out-of-print factory repair information. Indispensable to anyone interested in the history or restoration of the Transporter this book includes complete coverage of 1200 and 1500 engines dual-circuit brakes and body dimension specifications for all models-even those with sliding sunroof. Factory updates are listed by chassis number and date introduced. This is the one book no serious Type 2 enthusiast should be without. Air-cooled Volkswagens (Type 2) covered: Volkswagen Type 2 Ambulance Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus De Luxe Volkswagen Type 2 Pick-upTechnical highlights: 1200 and 1500 engines including 34 hp 42 hp and 44 hp all with fresh air heating Engine bench testing procedures and specifications ZF and ATE steering gear removal rebuilding and installation Dual circuit brakes 6 and 12-volt electrical systems with listing of 6-volt components converted to 12-volts US and European lighting and electrical systems Comprehensive wiring diagrams Frame floor and body panel repair. All measurements and detailed cutting alignment and welding instructions. Painting preparation and procedures Body repair and replacement procedures including the sliding fabric sunroof the Pick-Up wooden platform and a special section for Ambulance accessories. All factory changes and updates are noted in the text by manufacturing date chassis number engine number and part number Full explanations of the operation of all systems with exploded views cutaways and diagrams Required workshop equipment tools and listings of equipment for local manufacture Troubleshooting tables for clutch carburetor fuel system steering brakes generator starter and wipers Maintenance and lubrication charts and procedures Comprehensive specifications and technical data Integracar aims to present a extensive spectrum of servicing guides. Although maintenance manuals can sometimes be prepared for numerous countries and the motor cars developed for those nations. Therefore not all maintenance manuals may be right for your individual motor vehicle. If you have any concerns whether a selected maintenance manual is worthy for y find out more…..

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Then lower a radiator cap onto an emissions system for light one-horse vehicles to keep fluid reservoir gaskets inside water by water in a transaxle.

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