Toyota 1RZ 1RZ-E 2RZ 2RZ-E engine factory workshop and repair manual

workshop manual
Toyota 1RZ 1RZ-E 2RZ 2RZ-E engine factory workshop and repair manual downloadon PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is compressed as a zip file which you can extract with 7zip File size 21 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Introduction Engine Mechanical EFI system Fuel System Cooling System Lubrication System Ignition System Starting System Charging System Service Specifications Torgue settings SST and SSM Engine Diagonostics Emission Control Electronic Fuel InjectionCooling The 1RZ is a 2.0 L (1 998 cc) version built from 1989. Bore is 86 mm and stroke is 86 mm. The 1RZ-E is the fuel-injected version of the 1RZ. With a 9.0 to 1 compression ratio output is 101-108 hp at 5 400 rpm with 118-123 lb ft (161-167 N m) of torque at 2 800 rpm. The 2RZ is a 2.4 L (2 438 cc) version. Bore is 95 mm and stroke is 86 mm; a variety of combination of heads and fuel delivery systems were available. 2RZ-E This is an SOHC engine with two valves per cylinder. Valve adjustment is by shim over bucket. Output is 120 PS (88 kW) at 5 200 rpm. Originally manufactured with a carburetor induction system it was later upgraded to Electronic Fuel Injection with the -E suffix added to the engine designation. Toyota specified unleaded fuel with a rating of at least 91 RON (Research Octane Rating) in Australia. 1989-2004 Toyota HiAce 1998-2005 Toyota Revo 1998-2001 Toyota Hilux 2000-2004 Toyota Kijang1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma 4x2Toyota 1RZ 1RZ-E 2RZ 2RZ-E factory workshop and repair online download considerably more details

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