Eighth Air Force Bomber Stories

Hardcover – 224 pages – Ian McLachlan and the late Russell J. Zorn present a compelling collection of more than 40 true-life accounts by US Eighth Air Force bomber crewmen flying from England during the Second World War and by the British civilians whose lives they touched. Some are the result of detailed post-war research by the authors into aircraft crash sites; others are the memories of those who were lucky enough to survive the war. Each story is supported by a unique selection of personal and combat photographs many taken by Russell J. Zorn during the war.Vivid first person accounts by US Eighth Air Force bomber crewmen and British civilians from the Second World War. Illustrated with many rare photographs. Respected author who is an expert on the wartime history of the USAAF. In 2012 it will be the 70th anniversary of the arrival of US forces in Britain in the Second World War. more…..

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Botany Bay Batteries – Cape Banks, Henry Head, Bare Island Teema Fugue says: August 27th, 2008 at 21:21. Not many people know that at some time after the war, the Engine Room at Banks Bty was the site of a radio active dump and the main entry doors, vent shafts and emergency exits were filled in.

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Accommodating work and family life – Curtin family library The 28th: a record of service with the Australian Imperial Force, 1915-1919. Perth, Public Library, Museum & Art Gallery, 1922 Perth, Public Library, Museum & Art Gallery, 1922 Collins, Tom Such is Life.

Alan Clark’s Lousy Long March – Part 2 – RAAF 3 Squadron DAF was a Tactical Air Force, as distinct from a Strategic Air Force, such as the various long-range bomber forces of the RAF and USAAF. Within this structure , RAAF No. 3 Squadron had, over the years, performed a number of roles: reconnaissance, dive-bombing and strafing, bomber escort, and aerial fighting, sometimes individually and sometimes all together.

Pictorial History Of The Second World War; Volume IV In this particular attack 1,250 U.S. Army Eighth Air Force B-17 Fortresses and B-24 Liberators raided 11 rail yards to snarl German communications and seal off the industrial Ruhr from the rest of Germany.

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Essay Sample – Roswell – OzEssay – ozziessay.com.au F.B.- was an Army Air Force photographer stationed at Anacostia Navel Air Station in Washington DC when he and fellow photographer A.K. were flown abroad a B-25 bomber to Roswell Air Field sometime during the second week of July 1947. One morning his superior said, “Pack you bags and we’ll have the cameras there, ready for you.” They didn’t know where they were going. After a few hours …

What changed? Questions for Abbott about Sinodinos – ABC … The chosen weapons were not high explosive bombs, but incendiary devices and the intention was to create a firestorm that would burn so fiercely that it would consume all of the oxygen in the air …

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