Book of the Ariel – All Prewar Models 1932-1939

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Book of the Ariel – All Prewar Models 1932-1939 by Floyd ClymerA faithful reproduction of the Floyd Clymer publication of the seventh edition (1947) of the W.C. Haycraft – Book Of The Ariel – covering all models of Ariel motorcycles built between 1932 and 1939. Includes complete technical data service and maintenance information and comprehensive detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of all major and minor mechanical and electrical components making it an invaluable resource for collectors and restorers of these classic motorcycles. This is a – must have – reference for any Ariel enthusiast and would certainly assist in helping any potential purchaser better understand the inner workings prior purchasing of one of these classic motorcycles. Applicable to the following models: Four cylinder: 4/F/G/H 600cc 1 000cc OHC OHV (Cast Iron Light Alloy). Single cylinder: LB/LF/LG/LH/MB/MF/MH/NF/NG/ NH/OG/OH/SB/SG/VA/VB/VF/VG/VH 600cc SV 500cc OHV 350cc OHV 250cc OHV. Much of the data is also applicable to later models that utilize these same engines. Out-of-print and unavailable for many years this book is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Ariel enthusiasts worldwide. Integracar tries to provide a significant variety of repair manuals. But yet owners manuals can be created for various countries and the motorbikes built for those countries. That being said not all workshop manuals may be ideal for your particular motorbike. If you have any queries whether or not a certain maintenance manual is good for your motor bike please make contact with us hereBook of the Ariel – All Prewar Models 1932-1939 by Floyd Clymer click to go

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