American Auto Legends

American Auto Legends by Michael FurmanFew nations have had such an enduring love affair with the automobile as the United States. American Auto Legends presents more than 50 of the most remarkable American cars ever produced from the horseless carriages of the early 1900s to the sleek and ultra-efficient machines of the early twenty-first century. Following a brief introduction to the history of the US automotive industry the selected models are arranged chronologically. Concise descriptions highlight the key features of each vehicle while stunning images by one of America s leading car photographers provide the reader with an unparalleled visual record. Featuring all the major US manufacturers – including Buick Chevrolet Ford Lincoln and Studebaker – this book is an essential and authoritative guide to the many legends of the American highway. The latest title in Merrell s highly successful Auto Legends series this book includes biographies of key figures in the US automobile industry a full technical glossary and details of where the cars may be seen. American Auto Legends is a lavishly illustrated book that will appeal to classic car enthusiasts worldwide.American Auto Legends by Michael Furman more data

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