Where the Suckers Moon

Where the Suckers Moon by RothenbergRothenberg chronicles the brief turbulent marriage between a recession-plagued auto company and an aggressively hip ad agency (whose creative director despised cars) capturing both the ad world s tantalizing gossip and the broader significance of its creations. quot;Simply the best book about advertising I have ever read. quot;–Neil Postman (Technopoly).Where the Suckers Moon by Rothenberg here

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Where the Suckers Moon – sagin workshop car manuals,repair … Rothenberg chronicles the brief, turbulent marriage between a recession-plagued auto company and an aggressively hip ad agency (whose creative director despised cars), capturing both the ad world’s tantalizing gossip and the broader significance of its creations. “Simply the best book about advertising I have ever read”.–Neil Postman (Technopoly).

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Where the Suckers Moon – The Workshop Manual Store Where the Suckers Moon by RothenbergRothenberg chronicles the brief turbulent marriage between a recession-plagued auto company and an aggressively hip ad agency (whose creative director despised cars) capturing both the ad world s tantalizing gossip and the broader significance of its creations.

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