How to Custom Paint Your Motorcycle

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How to Custom Paint Your Motorcycle by JoAnn BortlesWe re in the midst of the biggest boom in motorcycle customization since the days of Easy Rider. Today s custom bikes are regarded as rolling art with custom paint jobs that can cost thousands – or even tens of thousands! – of dollars. Custom painter and author JoAnn Bortles offers a primer on painting basics but mainly focuses on more elaborate paint schemes and techniques that produce head-turning results. Popular chopper and cruiser paint elements such as skulls flames and candy paints are covered as are techniques for custom painting sport bikes. Integracar attempts to present a broad number of owners guides. Then again owners manuals may just be manufactured for varying countries and the motor cycle released for those countries. This is why not all maintenance manuals may be right for your particular vehicle. If you have enquiries whether a particular owners manual is good for your motorcycle feel free to get in contact with us hereHow to Custom Paint Your Motorcycle by JoAnn Bortles extra

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