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Custom Motorcycles by Michael LichterWhether you re building a chopper a bobber or a customized bagger–or simply adding personality to a stock cruiser–you want your bike to stand out. It is after all an original. For inspiration or direction from the big idea to the finest detail look no further than this book. With hundreds of examples of what builders and painters and passionate owners have done with their bikes Custom Motorcycles is a great way to get started–or to fine-tune a concept. Custom front ends tanks paint frames wheels and more–every inch of a motorcycle can be customized and every step of the process is covered in this book. Packed with over 700 photos and detailed information on any problem you might encounter the book is the first and most valuable tool that anyone customizing a bike should have. Integracar tries to have a large variety of repair guides. Although service manuals could well be put together for specific nations and the motor cycle developed for those nations. Due to this fact not all maintenance manuals may be desirable for your specific motorcycle. If you have any queries whether a individual owners manual is suitable for your vehicle kindly contact us hereCustom Motorcycles by Michael Lichter find out more…..

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