Lost Hot Rods

Lost Hot Rods by Pat GanahlWhenever hot rodders get together to bench race two questions invariably come up: Whatever happened to such-and-such car?; and How can I find one of these old abandoned hot rods? Lost Hot Rods answers both questions by finding nearly 100 lost hot rods custom cars and a few dragsters that were either famous in the 50s or 60s from being featured on magazine covers or winning major car shows and then disappeared or else are lost simply because they ve never been seen in public again. In Lost Hot Rods we attempt to answer the questions about whatever happened to these great cars. We re not talking about vintage tin sitting in the desert or woods or old cars parked in farm fields. Nearly all of these vintage rods and customs were found in urban or suburban garages–possibly right in your neighborhood–where they were parked years ago maybe to save perhaps torn apart for a rebuild or in many cases they are projects that were started years ago and just never finished. The condition of such finds ranges from musty piles of parts to dusty and cobwebbed originals to pristine still-show-quality beauties. We also show cars that have been located by others either as-is or now in beautiful restored condition. Either way we tell the process of finding such vehicles giving many tips on how you can find them too. This isn t a book about seeking these cars for profit. What s more important and fun is the search itself. If when you find such a long-lost rod or custom it turns out that it is available and you can afford to acquire it and put it back on the road and enjoy it so much the better. But just finding them; finally answering that Whatever happened to…? question is the main goal. In most cases we show vintage photos of the car in its heyday along with where and how it looks today. But what makes this venture doubly fun and what separates this book from others is that we are not just looking for old cars or even collector cars hidden away. Finding a vintage Corvette or Porsche or even a gennie Model A or Model T stashed in a garage or barn is cool. But hot rods and custom cars are very different–literally. Each one is unique. So each of these cars has its own unique story it s own personal history which makes Lost Hot Rods a special collection of stories as well as #147;Then #148; and #147;Now #148; images.Lost Hot Rods by Pat Ganahl click to go

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Lost Hot Rods – Graffiti Publications In Lost Hot Rods, we attempt to answer the questions about whatever happened to these great cars. We’re not talking about vintage tin sitting in the desert or woods, or old cars parked in farm fields. Nearly all of these vintage rods and customs were found in urban or suburban garages.

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Lost Hot Rods | Ellery Publications Many legendary rides have been built since hot rods and custom cars burst onto the scene in the years following World War Two. In the decades that followed,

Lost Hot Rods II – sagin workshop car manuals,repair books … Lost Hot Rods II by Pat Ganahl Pat Ganahl once again opens the archives and pounds the pavement in order to bring you the stories on some of the coolest cars ever to appear in shows or grace the pages of automotive magazines.

Lost Hot Rods II – Graffiti Publications Lost Hot Rods II shares the full story of each car, including how it was originally built, when it dropped off the radar, and how it was ultimately found. Photos from the past and present are included to showcase the story behind each and every one of these great cars.

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