How to Repair Plastic Bodywork

How to Repair Plastic Bodywork by Kurt LammonCenter Conway July 2009 — it is a familiar story — a simple accident in the driveway results in cracked and broken bodywork that costs thousands of dollars to replace — more sometimes than the vehicle may be worth. Few repair shops or Do-It-Yourselfers have been interested or had the wherewithal to attempt plastic repairs leaving no options but part replacement on an otherwise perfectly serviceable machine. In fact insurance rates on some motorcycles and snowmobiles have skyrocketed because of the high cost of replacing broken plastic. This book solves this common dilemma with easy-to-follow directions and clear illustrations applicable to any plastic repair — cars motorcycles trucks ATVs or snowmobiles. Lammon explains how to assess the damage identify the type of plastic from which the part is made and fix everything from a simple scratch to a major break. Step-by-step procedures take you from cleaning aligning preparing and reinforcing the repair site all the way through the refinishing process. Valuable tips for making structural and cosmetic repairs rebuilding broken tabs and bolt holes and fixing stripped threads are also included.And to make getting started even easier a comprehensive Resource Guide for tools and materials puts dozens of suppliers at your fingertips. Within the realm of how-to books there is precious little on repairing plastics and none with the comprehensive yet easy-to-follow scope of How to Repair Plastic Bodywork. Though it has been popular since its first release in 2003 the color version of the book has now gone out of print. To ensure that this unique and valuable guide remains available Whitehorse Press has just reissued the book in black and white. With a fresh new cover it is still packed with all the original useful information and illustrations. Integracar tries to have a extensive assortment of service guides. Nevertheless repair manuals can be developed for countless countries and the motor cars engineered for those countries. For that reason not all workshop manuals may be applicable for your individual automobile. If you have any enquiries whether a particular owners manual is suitable for your car please make contact with us hereHow to Repair Plastic Bodywork by Kurt Lammon more here…..

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