Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future

Hardcover – 128 pages – Dan Dare is easily the most famous British comic hero. His adventures appeared in the original Eagle magazine during the 1950s and 1960s but he also featured briefly in 2000AD before returning in the re-launched Eagle of the 1980s.This innovative Haynes Manual takes a detailed look inside the spaceships space stations and various other craft that played such a huge part in bringing the excitement of space travel to the stories.Beautifully illustrated with cutaway artwork by Graham Bleathman and supported by fabulous contemporary comic-strip art this is the ultimate technical guide to the spaceships of Dan Dare and a wonderful addition to every comic fan #39;s bookshelf.Contents: Introduction Multiple Drive Craft Passenger Craft Commercial Craft Space bases Space Stations Space Fleet Defences Space Fleet Equipment Alien Identification Treen Craft New Drive SystemsCovers the Anastasia Tempus Grangit Nimbus Zylbat and associated Interplanet Spacefleet craft. related info

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ELTON JOHN – ROCK OF THE WESTIES (LP) | Amazon.com.au | Music Of course, there is some lightweight fare like the bombastic opening “Medley” and “Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)”, but overall the album holds up pretty well. The addition of the excellent bonus tracks “Planes” (a pensive acoustic ballad and one of my favorite Elton songs ever) and “Sugar On The Floor” add an extra kick to the album. Recommended.

BRITISH 1950s SERIES –Collecting Books and Magazines BRITISH 1950s SERIES … Parents are trying to put the past behind them, looking to the future — and there’s Dan Dare, pilot of the future, in a ‘future’ that was built strictly along the lines of the R.A.F. (by 1950, books about the war were just beginning to appear, including accounts of those brave fighter pilots who fought the Battle of Britain). Eagle was heavily advertised by Hultons …

Dan Dare Audiobook | Frank Hampson | Audible.com.au Dan Dare – Pilot of the Future was incarnated in the 1950s and was truly original in the world of comics. Nothing like it had ever been seen before. It was distinguished by its long complex story lines, snappy dialogue and outstanding artwork.

ROCK OF THE WESTIES: Amazon.com.au: Music Of course, there is some lightweight fare like the bombastic opening “Medley” and “Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)”, but overall the album holds up pretty well. The addition of the excellent bonus tracks “Planes” (a pensive acoustic ballad and one of my favorite Elton songs ever) and “Sugar On The Floor” add an extra kick to the album. Recommended.

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