AM General Humvee 1985 Onwards (All Military Variants) Enthusiasts Manual

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Hardcover – 160 pages – The Humvee (The US Army #39;s iconic high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)) the modern-day US military four-wheel-drive successor to the Willys Jeep is used by numerous armed forces around the world and in some civilian adaptations. Over 10 000 Humvees were deployed in numerous roles by coalition forces during the Iraq war.At least 25 variants of this highly versatile vehicle have ben produced from unarmoured light transport to surface-to-air missile platform including ambulances tracked versions troop carriers and special ops variants.This manual provides a unique insight into the world of military Humvees with an emphasis on military operation and equipment.Contents: Introduction Development of the Humvee The Production Humvee Manufacture Anatomy of the Humvee The Humvee in Action The Owner #39;s View The Mechanic #39;s View Epilogue click on

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AM General Humvee 1985 Onwards (All Military Variants … Hardcover – 160 pages – The Humvee (The US Army’s iconic high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)), the modern-day US military four-wheel-drive successor to the Willys Jeep, is used by numerous armed forces around the world and in some civilian adaptations.

AM General Humvee 1985 Onwards (All Military Variants … AM General Humvee 1985 Onwards (All Military Variants) Enthusiasts Manual . October 26, 2018 repair No Comments. Hardcover – 160 pages – The Humvee (The US Army #39;s iconic high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)) the modern-day US military four-wheel-drive successor to the Willys Jeep is used by numerous armed forces around the world and in some civilian adaptations. Over 10 …

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