Ed “Big Daddy” Roth His Life, Tiimes, Cars, and Art

Ed Big Daddy Roth His Life Tiimes Cars and Art by Pat GanahlEd s rise to fame began in the 50s and peaked with the custom car boom of the early 60s-every kid in America knew who Rat Fink was and many built models of his custom cars and wore his monster T-shirts. As custom cars went out of style Ed turned to other pursuits but a growing interest in hot rod history in the 90s brought him back to the fore and he was more popular than ever. To say his life was interesting is an understatement-and this book covers it all from art to custom cars monster shirts to VW-powered trikes and the wild life that brought it all together.Ed Big Daddy Roth His Life Tiimes Cars and Art by Pat Ganahl considerably more details

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Ed “Big Daddy” Roth His Life, Tiimes, Cars, and Art … Ed “Big Daddy” Roth His Life, Tiimes, Cars, and Art by Pat Ganahl Ed’s rise to fame began in the ’50s, and peaked with the custom car boom of the early ’60s-every kid …

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