Austin-Healey by Jon PressnellThe models created by Donald Healey and son Geoffrey played a key role in establishing Britain as the world s leading producer of sports cars in the 1950s and 1960s. But the cheeky little Austin-Healey Sprite and the rugged Big Healey with its muscular good looks are only part of a fascinating story that stretches back to the glory days of pre-war rallying and ends with the ill-fated Jensen-Healey. All this and more is told in the latest title in Haynes acclaimed Classic Makes series – along with practical guidance in the form of driving impressions and buying hints based on the author s personal experience of most of the cars featured.Austin-Healey by Jon Pressnell more tips

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Dream Drive in an Austin-Healey – Not a Healey, but a 1964 MGB convertible with British racing green duco, spoked wheels, and little rust blisters already visible at the base of both doors.

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