Minneapolis Moline Farm Tractor Owners Service and Repair Manual

Softcover – 432 pages – This Minneapolis Moline Farm Tractor Owners Service Repair Manual covers the following Models: GTA GTB Series RT UT ZA ZT Series BF BG V Avery Models A R V Series GB UB ZB 335 445 Jet Star Jet Star Two Jet Star Three 4 Star 4 Star Super U-302 UB Special UTS Special 5 Star M5 M504 M602 M604 M670 M670 Super G-VI G-705 G-706 G-707 G-708 G-900 G-950 G-1000 G-1000 Vista G-1050 G-1350 Massey-Ferguson Models MF-95 (after serial no. 17300000) MF97Note: Does not include wiring diagrams.Contents: Detailed illustrations and exploded views Troubleshooting sections covering most models Brakes Cooling system Differential Electrical system Engine Final drive Axles Hydraulics Transmission Condensed service data information Detailed indexDetailed illustrations and exploded views; troubleshooting sections covering most models; condensed service data information; detailed index; accurate information in a concise easy-to-use format; durable coated paper stands up to messy shop jobs.I T easy-to-use farm tractor manuals can save you money in maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and detailed illustrations guide you through every job. click here…..

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