American Station Wagons – The Golden Era 1950-1975

American Station Wagons – The Golden Era 1950-1975 by Norm MortAmerican Station Wagons – The Golden Era 1950-1975 examines an important quarter century of this versatile vehicle a time when it evolved into a practical yet sometimes luxurious family transporter or business vehicle. This volume covers the histories of the major minor and obscure station wagon manufacturers and models. While makes such as Ford Chevrolet Dodge and Plymouth dominated the US market important roles were played by Oldsmobile Buick Mercury and Chrysler in making the car more than mere basic transportation or a reliable workhorse. At the same time makes such as Studebaker Kaiser Nash and AMC etc. competed for a slice of this burgeoning postwar market and were responsible for novel innovations in design. Contemporary brochures period literature factory photos and over fifty new unpublished colour photos of restored examples help convey the importance of these historic vehicles. Also featured are images of rarer Canadian versions from American manufacturers.American Station Wagons – The Golden Era 1950-1975 by Norm Mort click

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