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Porsche by Karl LudvigsenGet other Porsche repair manuals herePorsche – Origin of the Species is the latest Porsche heritage book by renowned automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen author of the award-winning Porsche: Excellence Was Expected and Ferdinand Porsche Genesis of Genius. Within Jerry Seinfeld s renowned Porsche collection resides an unassuming yet extraordinary piece of Porsche history: Porsche Gm nd coupe 356/2-040. Captured exclusively for this book in a series of evocative portraits by acclaimed automotive photographer Michael Furman 040s unsullied originality conveys with startling immediacy the combination of artistry innovation and determination that went into its improbable creation. The saga that emerges encompasses mechanical revelations human drama and the turmoil of world war. Porsche – Origin of the Species will appeal to all car enthusiasts who are eager to know what events really ignited the spark from which all other Porsches evolved.Porsche by Karl Ludvigsen more info

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Porsche Centre Willoughby | Dealerships | Suttons At Porsche Centre Willoughby we have one goal. Whether interested in the dynamics of the Boxster , the agility of the Cayman , the individuality of the 911 , the ingenuity and versatility of the Cayenne and Macan or the prowess of the Panamera ; the best way to truly understand a Porsche is to experience it for yourself.

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Porsche Team and Competencies – Porsche Australia Body repair and body restoration for all Porsche Classic models as part of a factory restoration or accident repair. In addition, repair of glass fibre-reinforced plastic and carbon-fibre composite parts and bodies, plus dent removal without damaging the paintwork to repair hail damage and parking dents. Specialist for aluminium parts.

Procar | paintless dent removal Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) … day PDR is an environmentally friendly technique that comes from the European car manufacturers assembly lines of Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and BMW. So it really is the ultimate choice of repair. Procar Dent Removals deliver world class tradesmanship, we have dedicated many years to this trade and are completely competent in PDR. It takes …

Services | Adelaide Luxury Motors porsche services At Adelaide Luxury Motors you will get premium service for your Porsche every time. Your vehicle is important to us and we guarantee that at Adelaide Luxury Motors it is in the hands of trained experts.

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Porsche Repairs – Porsche Australia Our goal: as good as new. But with even more character. Our goal is the maintenance and care of historic Porsche vehicles. Decades of experience with these classic cars make us a reliable partner for the service, repair and restoration of Porsche production cars.

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2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring review – whichcar.com.au Porsche belatedly realised that there was a healthy desire for those who wanted the pace and ability of a 911 GT3 but had perhaps grown out of the circuit racer styling. And, possibly to put a dent in 911R residuals, it announced the 911 GT3 Touring at the Frankfurt Show in September.

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