BMW K1200RS, K1200GT and K1200LT 1998 – 2010 Clymer Owners Service and Repair Manual

Softcover – 646 pages – BMW K1200RS GT LT 1998 – 2010 Clymer Owners Service Repair Manual covers the following models: K1200RS 1998 – 2005 K1200GT 2003 – 2005 K1200LT 1999 – 2010Note: this manual DOES NOT cover transverse mounted four-cylinder models a.k.a quot;Slant K-bikes. quot;.Contents: Quick Reference Data General Information Troubleshooting Cylinder Leakdown Test / Electrical Testing Lubrication Maintenance And Tune Up Moditec Diagnosis And Integral Abs Bleed Test / Engine Oil And Filter / Final Drive Oil / Speedometer Sensor Cleaning / Compression Test / Air Filter Replacement / Fuel Filter / Valve Clearance / Slide Rail / Tensioner Rail Lining And Thrust Piece / Spark Plugs / Maintenance Schedule Interval Engine Block / Crankshaft Cover / Cylinder Head / Timing Cover / Cam Chain Tensioner / Crankshaft Oil Seal / Timing Chain Guides And Sprockets / Camshafts / Valves / Intermediate Housing / Auxiliary Shaft / Starter Clutch / Idler Gear / Main Oil Seal / Pistons / Connecting Rods / Oil Pan / Lower Crankcase Half / Output Shaft / Break In Clutch Master And Slave Cylinder / Bleeding Tranmission And Shift Mechanism Rubber Bushings / Seal Replacement / Inspection / Reverse System Fuel And Exhaust Systems Fuel Injection System Efi / Tank / Filter / Vent And Float / Level Sensor / Roll Over Valve / Air Box / Air Intake Guide / Fuel Pressure / Fuel Rail / Injectors / Pressure Regulator / Throttle Body / Motronic Control Unit Brain / Air Temperature Sensor / Coolant Sensor / Oxygen Sensor O2 / Carbon Canister / Cruise Control Electrical System Battery / Starter / Relay / Ignition Coil / Hall Effect Sensor / Ignition Timing / Bulbs / Headlight / Turn Signals / Instrument Panel / Electronic Equipment Box / Flasher Unit / Switches / On Board Computer / Power Socket / Horn / Audio System Cooling And Lubrication Systems Warning System / Hoses / Coolant Reserve Tank / Radiators / Fans / Water Pump / Oil Cooler Housing And Thermostat / Oil Coolers Wheels And Tyres Front And Rear Wheel Bearings / Hubs Front Suspention And Steering Handlebars / Grips / Controls / Upper Fork Bridge / Lower Bridge / Ball Joint / Front Fork / Strut / Steering Damper / Suspension A-Arm Rear Suspension And Final Drive Shock Absorber / Ring And Pinion Gear / Swing Arm / Front Drive Shaft Anti Lock Brake System ABS IiPads / Calipers / Brake Fluid / Front Rear Master Cylinder / Disc And click here

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