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Volvo 1800 by David G. StylesGet other Volvo repair manuals hereDesigned in Sweden and Italy built in England Scotland and Sweden and sold all over the world the Volvo 1800 is a car with a remarkable history to tell. David Styles takes us back to the first Volvo to discover the roots of the company s first purpose-built sports car. Tracing its design and development through to its launch in 1961 he covers the various variations of the 1800 coupe the 1800ES sportwagon the 480ES and the C70. Topics include: complete history of all 1800 variations; full technical specifications for each model and advice on buying and maintaining an 1800.Volvo 1800 by David G. Styles information

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19 P1800 1800 | Volvo Cars The Volvo P1800 was based on the floor pan of the Volvo 121/122S, but it had a shorter wheel base. The car also had an entirely new 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder engine, which initially developed 100 bhp, later 108, 115 and 120 bhp.

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Volvo P1800 – The Ultimate Classic Car Resource A 1971 Volvo P1800 was capable of standing quarters in the low 16-second bracket if you could get the rear tyres not to break traction, and 120 mph in overdrive top was a shoe in provided you were on the right road.

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Automotive style icon: The Volvo 1800 S | Volvo Cars Legendary car, legendary actor. How the late Sir Roger Moore not only drove Volvo’s handsome, 1960s 1800 S coupe to global fame in The Saint TV series, but owned it himself. In 1967, an actor and a car formed a close bond – decades before they became respective legends. It was the year the late

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