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Jaguar E-type by Philip PorterFew cars have made a greater impression on the public than the Jaguar E-Type. Revealed in 1961 as the successor to the famous D-Type the E-type combined sleek and graceful lines with exhilarating 150-mile-an-hour performance nimble handling and a comfortable ride. The result was an instant success in the UK Europe and America.Subsequent refinements guided the car through a highly successful production run that lasted into the mid-1970 s establishing the E-Type as an epitome of cool in performance cars. In the decades since this legendary car has only grown in stature becoming one of the most coveted collector sports cars form the 1960 s. This book draws from factory records the accumulated knowledge of Jaguar restorer Philip Porter and photographer Tim Andrew to provide an expert resource for restoring a Jaguar E-Type to its original spec. With over 160 photographs of 12 lovingly restored and maintained models in perfect condition this is the definitive guide for any E-Type owner restorer and enthusiast. Integracar aims to provide you with a wide number of repair manuals. Although maintenance manuals can sometimes be created for so many different countries and the motor vehicles produced for those nations. Accordingly not all owners manuals may be relevant for your selected car. If you have queries whether or not a selected workshop manual is right for your automobile please e-mail us hereJaguar E-type by Philip Porter more details…..

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