General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon 1978 onwards (all marks)

Hardcover – 160 pages – Popularly referred to as the #39;Viper #39; by its air and ground crews the F-16 is a successful American-built all-weather multi-role jet fighter of which more than 4 500 have been built and exported to 25 countries worldwide.Author Steve Davies covers all aspects of the F-16 focusing specifically on the design and construction of the Block 40/50 F-16C/D version. He also gives coverage of the Viper #39;s impressive combat record in both Gulf Wars in Afghanistan and over the Balkans as well as in the Israeli pre-emptive strike in 1981 on the Osirak reactor in Iraq.Contents: The Viper Story Variant Summaries and Blocks International Vipers The Block 40 – 52 F16C/D at War Anatomy of the Viper F16CM Blocks 40 – 52 The Pratt Whitney F100-PW-229 and General Electric F110-GE-129 Engines Flying the Viper: The Pilots View Maintaining the Viper: The Technicians View extra info

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