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Sir William Lyons by Philip PorterMuch has been written about Jaguar but this is the first full biography of its founder Sir William Lyons now published in paperback to mark the 110th anniversary of Lyons birth. This inspiring book written by two eminent Jaguar authors describes Lyons early influences his tentative steps into the motor trade and how while in his 30s he established a substantial motor manufacturing business and launched the Jaguar marque – and then masterminded decades of glory. This is the fascinating story of a man whose life was inseparable from his cars.Sir William Lyons by Philip Porter here

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1963 Jaguar Semi-Lightweight E-Type Roadster 4.7 (RHD Fast … Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar, realised that he had something very special upon the car’s debut and so had a second car delivered overnight from Coventry to Switzerland in order to accommodate more test runs at the show.

The Founders – Tunks Australia 1788 The Founders WILLIAM TUNKS (TONKS) (1754-1821) Known as ‘Tunks’ but recorded on the ship’s papers as ‘Tonks’, WILLIAM, aged 33, was “put on board HMS ‘Sirius’ on 24th February 1787” as a private of marines, one of a party of 12 supernumeries (all artisans of various trades – William, a gimlet maker).

The Official Jaguar Collection – De Agostini Whatever the model, whatever the era, Jaguar have succeeded in encapsulating Sir William Lyons’ idea of what every car should represent – grace, pace and space. The Mk2 marque of quality As British marques go, they don’t get any better than Jaguar.

William Lyons –Unique Cars and Parts The Swallow Side Car & Coach Building Co Back in 1922, one William Lyons, an enterprising 20-year-old who lived in Blackpool, England, formed the Swallow Side Car & Coach Building Co.

Thrilling ride for ‘pouncing’ cat | The West Australian Sir William Lyons retired in 1972 and would die 13 years later. Still, notable releases included the XJ6 and XJ12, the fastest saloon in the world. Also developed were the XJ-S, XJR-5 race car with a V12 engine and a 30 per cent lighter six-cylinder engine.

Dr William Lyon – Dr William Lyon Dr Lyon is a Cosmetic Surgeon recognised for his meticulous ability to provide a natural look by combining art and surgical techniques. Dr Lyon will be consulting at Skin Integrity every second Monday.

Sir William Lyons – sagin workshop car manuals,repair … Sir William Lyons by Philip Porter Much has been written about Jaguar, but this is the first full biography of its founder Sir William Lyons, now published in paperback to mark the 110th anniversary of Lyons’ birth.

When Sir William Lyons coined the famous phrase GRACE … The goal of Sir William Lyons and his team was to create a combination of elegant craftsmanship, beautiful styling, advanced engineering and high performance in a large saloon.

Carwood Refurbishing Service – Links and For Sale For Sale Rare Partitioned Mark 10 Jaguar Limousine As Featured in Edition 78 of The Jaguar Magazine. The First Ever, Built for Sir William Lyons

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