Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook

Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook by Jack WileyStep-by-step instructions cover everything from safety precautions to materials selection to the final lamination process. Practice exercises offer hands-on experience for with glass cloth mat core materials and resins. Information is provided on molding structural concepts and the caring for cured fiberglass. There is even a list of suppliers repair techniques for materials other than fiberglass and a complete section on covering wood with fiberglass. Reviewers praise the first edition: …provides an excellent introduction to working with fiberglass for new construction and for repairs – Finescale Modeler. A good general reference for persons starting to work with fiberglass reinforced plastics…worth having – Road Track. Readers learn how to mend everything from bathtubs to swimming pools to rustproof and customize cars and much more – Antique Motor News. …an indispensable book… – Ohio Fisherman. …excellent text for anyone contemplating fiberglass work of any magnatude – Book Reviews. …describes the strength durability and lightness of fiberglass while exploring a great many of its astonishing number of applications – Wright Publishing Co.Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook by Jack Wiley considerably more details

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002-550 Fiberglass Boat Repair Maintenance 002-550 Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance Repairing, restoring and prolonging the life of fiberglass boats with WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy Contents 1 Introduction Understanding fiberglass boat construction and using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy for repair 2 Repairing Minor Cracks and Holes Repairing and finishing surface and gelcoat damage 3 Repairing Stringers and Floors Repairing rotted stringers and …

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