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Austin Healey by Graham RobsonThe Big Healeys took the motoring world by storm in the 1950s and 60s – thse powerful and fascinating cars were not only popular as production cars but also enjoyed considerable success in rallying and racing. This book is the in-depth story of the marque s evolution from Donald Healey s initial inspiration to the Layland take-over that saw the end of Austin-Healey. Topics covered include: the complete history of the company and development of 100 and 2000 models; full specification tables and detailed accounts of the cars competition fortunes.Austin Healey by Graham Robson here

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Austin Healey Technical articles & tips Chris Dimmock’s Australian Austin Healey 3000 site – some technical Healey articles and technical tips – the ‘black & white car’ site Austin Healey Technical articles & tips

The Austin Healey Owners Club of Victoria is dedicated to … maintenance, preservation and … the car deviates from the original Austin Healey specifications, namely: A – 100, BN4/6/7/BT7, BJ7/8, B – Modified Healey and C – Special Interest Healey A 100, BN4/6/7/BT7, BJ7/8 Judging is based on presentation for cars that are a fair visual representation of the Austin Healey Marque. This means they do not have to be completely faithful to the strictures …

Austin Healey Owners Club of Victoria The club is dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enjoyment of the Austin Healey roadster.

MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite Restoration Manual … If you have any questions whether a selected maintenance manual is best for your vehicle kindly get in touch with us hereMG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite Restoration Manual by Lindsay Porter more tips. Gaining your engine heating including spark shaft . See also engine then spindle and water pump or burned timing pump into a fire thats driven at the intake manifold. Exhaust manifold a set of …

Austin Healey Owners Club NSW Inc | Car Enthusiasts … North Parramatta based Austin Healey Owners Club NSW Inc is dedicated to the preservation of the Healey and Austin Healey marques with general meetings, social, competition and technical events.

7 Best Austin Healey images | Antique cars, Austin healey … “Austin-Healey 3000 Though it debuted in the Austin-Healey 3000 (known as the “Big Healey”) is too exquisite, too curvy, too unmistakably British not to include here.” “1959 Austin-Healy Perfect little car for a Sunday drive.

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Austin Healey For Sale in Australia – Gumtree Cars 11 km; Coupe (2 door) Manual; 4 cyl ; Austin Healey 1963 MKII for sale in excellent condition. since buying the car we have had no issues & it is extremely reliable,other than standard maintenance, excellent conditon battery & fuel lines cleaned couple of years ago.

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