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Touring Caravans by Jon PressnellThe development of the caravan is a fascinating story and a vital part of our motoring heritage. In this book Jon Pressnell traces the evolution of the touring caravan from its earliest horse-drawn days through to the lightweight aerodynamically styled designer caravans of today. It is an absorbing tale of a cottage industry which expanded rapidly in the motoring revolution of the 1930s as the motor car extended the horizons of the British public; a story of how the caravan evolved from a half-timbered cottage on wheels to the mass-produced streamlined versatile trailer which we take for granted today. This Album chronicles the process and brings alive with the help of a selection of period photographs the appeal of classic caravans.Touring Caravans by Jon Pressnell more details…..

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Jayco Starcraft Reviews – In December 2017 we received our new Jayco Starcraft Outback 2017 from South Auckland Caravans in NZ. This was a stock ordered caravan, so when we signed up the agreement, it was already on the factory line with no chance to change anything.

Jayco 17 ft Journey DX 17.55-9 Touring | Caravans for Sale … The 17 ft Journey Deluxe Pop Top is a couple’s RV. The easy-to-tow and stable tandem-axle Pop Top comes with the standard features you would expect in a big caravan: fully equipped kitchen, full ensuite, air conditioning and awning.

Jayco Starcraft Reviews (page 2) – Purchased 19 ft. Jayco Starcraft Touring caravan in November 2015. Took away for first trip to Maroochydore on 6/2/2016. Numerous faults in van, rang Brisbane Camperland the selling dealer from Maroochydore to arrange them to repair the van under warranty as was going south the following week.

17 ft Journey DX 17.55-8 Touring 2018 | Journey for sale in Our most popular Pop Top, the 17 ft Journey DX, is a couple’s RV. The easy-to-tow and stable tandem-axle Pop Top comes with the standard features you would expect in a big caravan: fully equipped kitchen, full ensuite, air conditioning and awning.

17 ft Journey DX 17.55-9 Touring 2018 | Journey for sale in The 17 ft Journey Deluxe Pop Top is a couple’s RV. The easy-to-tow and stable tandem-axle Pop Top comes with the standard features you would expect in a big caravan: fully equipped kitchen, full ensuite, air conditioning and awning.

DIY budget body work – Caravan World DIY budget body work NO ONE LIKES their van to get damaged, but it’s an unfortunate fact of RV life. When it comes to the bump and grind of caravanning, those mistakes can be expensive, with dent removal experts often charging up to $100 per dent.

CARAVANS – aluminium clad caravans, and ofer greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Caravan models feature our 5-layer system, comprising internal wall ply, insulation, aluminium frame, external 3mm ply and high gloss ibreglass exterior, as illustrated. 1 Hail and dent with a high gloss gel c 2 Lights – LED strip to underside of selected overheadsxternal mm structural str 3 mm timber – f 4 nternal mm …

CARAVANS – Chassis – main members (Touring 4 x 2, Outbac 6 x 2) Furniture – Euro style with aluminium corners & seat framing Roof – hail resistant one piece sin with insulation

Jayco 17 ft Journey DX 17.55-8 Touring | Caravans for Sale … Our most popular Pop Top, the 17 ft Journey DX, is a couple’s RV. The easy-to-tow and stable tandem-axle Pop Top comes with the standard features you would expect in a big caravan: fully equipped kitchen, full ensuite, air conditioning and awning.

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