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Porsche 996 by Adrian StreatherGet other Porsche repair manuals hereThis book on the Porsche 911 (996) series is the fourth of a planned six. It carries on the tradition established with the author s first Porsche 911 book on the 964 series. Everything a 996 owner needs to know plus a lot more is contained within the covers of this particular book. Every known model and version is described. The various engines and engine management systems for the many different nations of the world are covered. No matter where on planet earth the owner resides their version of the 996 is covered. Manual and Tiptronic transmissions including the automatic transmission fitted to the AWD Carrera 4 and Turbo models are explained in detail. The different suspension systems are covered. All the new technology advancements of the 996 of which Ferry Porsche was so proud are written about along with all the advantages and improvements over previous 911 models. With 1300 photos and extensive appendices this is a fact packed book and a must for any 996 owner.Porsche 996 by Adrian Streather more data

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Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 Porsche 996 Turbo Simple ECU flashing with gauge package! The new in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time.

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