Lowriders in Chicano Culture

Lowriders in Chicano Culture by Charles M. TatumMuch like rap music and ethnic foods Chicano lowrider culture has become sufficiently widespread in recent decades to almost be considered mainstream. However those outside of lowriding may not realize that this cultural phenomenon is not the result of a recent fad – it originated in the pre – World War II era and has continued to grow and evolve since then. Lowriders in Chicano Culture: From Low to Slow to Show allows readers to see how this expressive culture fits within the broader context of Chicano culture and understand how lowriding reflects the social artistic and political dimensions of America s fastest-growing ethnic group. It includes chapters that explain the culture of pachucas/os and cholas/os; the unique aesthetics of lowrider vehicles; lowrider music shows and clubs; the mechanics of building a lowrider vehicle; and lowrider culture in the media including film newspapers and television. The book also traces how lowrider culture has recently expanded beyond the urban streets and into the massive exhibit halls of lowrider shows exposing lowrider culture to even more enthusiasts. Integracar endeavors to provide a extensive collection of servicing manuals. All the same maintenance manuals can possibly be prepared for totally different nations and the motor vehicles produced for those nations. So not all owners manuals may be best suited for your individual automobile. If you have any enquiries whether a certain workshop manual is proper for your motor vehicle kindly get in touch with us hereLowriders in Chicano Culture by Charles M. Tatum more…..

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