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Lotus Elise by Alastair ClementsThe Elise saw the return of the genuinely exciting sports car. This was the first Lotus for a generation truly to revive Colin Chapman s ideals proving a worthy successor to the seminal Lotus 7. The Elise was the first modern sports car to generate real enthusiasm tempting many classic car fans to change their allegiance to this no-compromise contemporary classic. This fully updated second edition published in the Haynes Enthusiasts Guide Series brings the story right up to date to include Toyota-powered and supercharged cars. It is an essential reading for all Elise owners and enthusiasts.Lotus Elise by Alastair Clements click to go

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Lotus For Sale in Australia – Gumtree Cars 80734 km; Coupe (2 door) Manual; 4 cyl * ROLL CAGE Great Value at only $17,900 This Lotus Europa set up as a track car, is ready to race. Roll Cage Toyota 4-AGE Engine ENQUIRE FIRST to organise a viewing, or call for more information.

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News – Lotus Elise Gets a New Engine In Update British sports car manufacturer Lotus has announced updates across the range of its Elise model. The big news is a new high performance, Toyota-sourced, naturally aspirated 1.6-litre engine for the entry-level Elise (replacing the Elise S).

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