Art of “Cars”

Art of Cars by Michael WallisFrom the Academy Award [registered]-winning studio that has brought us animated hits such as Toy Story Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo and The Incredibles comes Cars a hilarious and heart-warming story of wily race car who discovers that it s not all about going fast – in fact life begins at the off-ramp. This overflowing scrapbook includes hundreds of pieces of concept art that helped to convert real life imagery and stories from the backroads into rich memorable characters and colourful backdrops. Pixar has clinched a reputation as the top-shelf commercial animation studio: The Incredibles continued Pixar s streak of great box office success grossing $260 million at the box office. 2003 s Finding Nemo made $850 million worldwide and was the No. 1 movie in the US in 2003. It has become the highest grossing animated film of all time (ahead of The Lion King). John Lasseter is the director of Cars and the creative director of Pixar and is a two-time Academy Award[registered]-winning director and animator. In addition to serving as head of all of Pixar Animation Studios creative projects he directed Toy Story A Bug s Life and Toy Story 2.Art of Cars by Michael Wallis lots more

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