Faster Than Sound : The Story of Supersonic Flight

Softcover – 234 pages – This is the thrilling story of how test pilots in the USA and UK first pierced the sound barrier in the late 1940s. Much has happened since then and as recently as 2003 thousands of fare-paying passengers were routinely enjoying intercontinental air travel at speeds of up to Mach 2. The author describes in accessible style the rules and technologies of supersonic flight ongoing developments in engine and airframe technology the age of supersonic passenger transports like Concorde and advances in supersonic fighter and bomber design.The most complete and up-to-date story of supersonic flight. Written by the UK #39;s top aviation author. Includes the latest on the F-22 Raptor Eurofighter Typhoon Dassault Rafale and new Chinese and Russian supersonic aircraft developments. Includes details of the rise and demise of Concorde and supersonic passenger travel. Fully illustrated and redesigned new edition first published in 1992 by PSL. more info

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Faster Than Sound : The Story of Supersonic Flight … Softcover – 234 pages – This is the thrilling story of how test pilots in the USA and UK first pierced the sound barrier in the late 1940s.

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