Churchill Tank 1941 – 1952 (All Models) Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

Hardcover – 168 pages – The Churchill tank has a strong case to be acclaimed the best British tank of World War II. Centrepiece of this manual is the restoration of a troop of three Churchill tanks to full running order by the Churchill Tank Project.The first to be restored was put through its paces at The Tank Museum in the UK next to a Tiger tank that was originally knocked out by an identical Churchill. Author Nigel Montgomery who owns and restores Churchills looks at the tank #39;s development construction and war record and gives a superbly illustrated insight into the fighting history of Churchills and what it is like to restore and drive them.Contents: Introduction The Churchill Story The Funnies and Specialised Armour The Churchill at war Anatomy of the Churchill Restoring the Churchill Service and Maintenance Operating the Churchill more here…..

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