High-Flying Women

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Hardcover – 192 pages. colour b/w illustrations. – In the early days of aviation the decision to become a pilot was not one to be taken lightly. The women who embarked upon this adventurous career had to demonstrate boldness dedication and patience.This lavishly illustrated book covers all areas of aviation and traces the careers of female pilots all over the world from the first woman to board a plane in 1908 to present-day astronauts and pilots. The book contains 400 photographs thorough text (including over 50 biographies of the most significant high-flying women) and detailed appendices.Key Content Detailed biographies with illustration of over 50 of the most influential female pilots from 1908 to the present day including Amelia Earhart Jean Batten Jacqueline Cochran Amy Johnson Maryse Bastie and Helene Boucher as well as the many lesser-known names. Covers a wide range of aviation including acrobatics air show competitors gliders long-haul flights planes in the movies the military and the Red Arrows. In the air and on the ground: #39;wing-walkers #39; helicopter pilots astronauts hostesses nurses and heads of enterprise. Over 400 period photographs of aeroplanes and the women who flew them. A well-designed high-quality book. come here

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