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Sauber-Mercedes C9 by Ian BamseyGet other Mercedes Benz repair manuals hereThe Mercedes sports-prototype of the late 1980s arguably came closer than any other car of the era to recapturing the spirit of the original Silver Arrows of the 1930s. This stunning fully enclosed twin turbo V8 sports-racing car took on the might of Porsche and Jaguar and notwithstanding opposition from the likes of Aston Martin Nissan and Toyota beat them all! This book is a detailed analysis of the famous C9 racing car built by the Swiss firm of Sauber which brought the might of Mercedes back into international motor racing for the first time in over thirty years. The author was present at the time and enjoyed the keen co-operation of the engineers at the heart of the project.Sauber-Mercedes C9 by Ian Bamsey extra

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