RAF Tornado 1974 onwards (all marks and models) Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

Hardcover – 160 pages – RAF Tornado 1974 onwards (all marks and models) Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual Since 1986 the multi-role swing-wing Panavia Tornado has been the cornerstone of the RAF #39;s jet fighter and bomber forces designed to intercept Cold War Soviet bombers and drop conventional and nuclear weapons on invading Warsaw Pact forces.RAF Tornado #39;s have seen action in both Gulf Wars over Kosovo and most recently over Afghanistan and Libya. Former RAF Tornado ADV pilot and air-to-air photographer Ian Black gives an #39;insider #39; insight into operating flying and maintaining the air defence and strike versions of the swing-wing jet.Contents: Introduction and Acknowledgements The Tornado Story Tornado Variants – Past and Present Tornado at War Anatomy of the Tornado The RB199 Engine Tornado Weaponry #39;Flying the Fin #39; maintaing the Tornado more info

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RAF Tornado 1974 onwards (all marks & models) Haynes … Hardcover – 160 pages – RAF Tornado 1974 onwards (all marks and models) Haynes Owners Service & Repair Manual Since 1986 the multi-role swing-wing Panavia Tornado has been the cornerstone of the RAF’s jet fighter and bomber forces, designed to intercept Cold War Soviet bombers and drop conventional and nuclear weapons on invading Warsaw Pact …

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