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Ferrari All the Cars by Leonardo AcerbiIn this virtual gallery in which Ferrari s entire production appears in chronological order and sub-divided into grand tourers sports and Formula 1 cars each design is supported by a specification and a text that explains the key technical and sports characteristics. The work is completed by a list updated to 2010 of all the principal victories achieved by Maranello in over 60 years of racing.Ferrari All the Cars by Leonardo Acerbi full details

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Ferrari: All the Cars – sagin workshop car manuals,repair … Ferrari: All the Cars by Leonardo Acerbi For all Ferrari fans, this chunky, inexpensive paperback is a must-have purchase as it profiles every car made in Maranello from 1947 to date.

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Ferrari offers 15-year vehicle warranty | GoAuto All new Ferrari vehicles retain a seven-year free maintenance program which covers all scheduled services in over that period. Although pricing of the new warranty program has yet to be disclosed, Ferrari Australia has been contacted for further information.

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