Art of the Hot Rod

Art of the Hot Rod by Ken GrossThe best Hot Rod cars are Art on four wheels and this book is nothing less than a gallery of the best Hot Rods profiling the machines in stunning color top builders with studio portraits of their work and commentary on their most outstanding custom creations. This book celebrates the unique marriage of mechanical know-how and inspired sense of design and style. Built from the ground up pieced together from salvaged parts rebuilt with classic looks and futuristic technology – these are racing cars as works of art as powerful and compelling on the page as they are on the street and racetrack!Art of the Hot Rod by Ken Gross click

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Art of the Hot Rod | Ken Gross | The Co-op Art of the Hot Rod is a feast for the eyes–a gallery of gorgeous hot rods, the best you’ll see from the world’s top hot rod builders! A hot rod is art on wheel

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