Innocenti Lambretta

Innocenti Lambretta by Vittorio TesserqaTogether with the Vespa the Lambretta monopolised the Italian scooter market and was able to conquer that position due to its original technical characteristics and its exceptionally modern design. This is now the third edition of the Innocenti Lambretta book by Vittorio Tessera expanded with all-colour photographs reproducing rare advertising of the period the manufacturer s brochures and even film posters of the Lambretta which was the legendary unforgettable and unquestioned protagonist in its golden yearsInnocenti Lambretta by Vittorio Tesserqa click here

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Sold: Lambretta 125LD Scooter Auctions – Lot 11 – Shannons In 1950 Innocenti introduced a heavily revised model and expanded the range to two, the simple C and the more upmarket LC, complete with front and rear fairings plus a tall windscreen and weather protection. The scooter remained in production for two years before it was replaced with the new 125cc D in November 1951. For many the definitive Lambretta scooter, the D (and enclosed LD) models saw …

Lambretta Scooters – Lambretta was founded by Ferdinando Innocenti, who is known to have established his first workshop at the age of 18, in 1909. By 1931 he had moved to the Milanese suburb of Lambrate, where he established a steel company.

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