HONDA ELITE 250 CH250 Scooter Service Repair Workshop Manual 1985-1988

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Honda Ch-250 Your service information center Service Procedures Service Manuals Parts Diagrams (offsite) Tech Tips By Randy Pozzi CH250 – Helix Interchange Readers Rides For sale Links. This site was designed by Doug Elam to compliment Randy Pozzi’s CH-250 club site

HONDA ELITE 250 (CH250) – Motor Scooter Guide The Elite 250 (CH250) was sold from 1985 – 1990 in the USA (’85 – ’88 in Canada) and is considered by many to be the grandfather of modern maxi scooters. The Elite 250 spawned the awesome Honda Helix scooter, which was a clear inspiration of future maxi-scooters like the Suzuki Burgman, Honda Silverwing and Yamaha Morphous.

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Honda Elite 250 (CH250) Scooter Parts – Honda Scooter … Quality replacement parts for the Honda Elite 250 (CH250) scooter including batteries, tires, belts, carburetors, and much more! Tires for the Honda Elite 250 are 110/100-12 on front, and 120/90-10 on the rear.

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