How to Paint Your Motorcycle

How to Paint Your Motorcycle by JoAnn BortlesThe award-winning painter shares her painting know-how. JoAnn Bortles a leading painter of premium custom choppers shares her vast knowledge with enthusiasts so they can undertake their own motorcycle painting projects. The most detailed how-to-paint book yet for motorcyclists this book instructs readers on the use of the latest and greatest paints and painting equipment. Bortles covers everything from basic prep work to advanced finishing techniques. The techniques and processes can be used on any type of motorcycle from a production road bike to a custom chopper with extravagant bodywork. Among the topics covered are bodywork preparation paint selection and preparation a variety of painting techniques and post-application follow-up techniques to put the best finish on a great paint job. Integracar aims to put up a big variety of service guides. However service manuals could well be manufactured for many kinds of countries and the vehicles built for those countries. So not all owners manuals may be ideal for your specific motorcycle. If you have queries whether a individual repair manual is desirable for your motorcycle kindly make contact with us hereHow to Paint Your Motorcycle by JoAnn Bortles additional info…..

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