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Competition Car Composites by Simon McBeathToday most competition cars have at least some components made from composite materials. Fully updated to include the latest developments in material and techniques this book explains how to exploit composites technology in the home workshop. It covers all the main materials and methods from wet lay-up glass fibre to pre-preg carbon fibre together with core materials and resin systems. The extensively illustrated down-to-earth text will appeal to anyone who builds repairs or develops competition cars or components as well as to motorsport enthusiasts who seek a better understanding of composite materials. Integracar aims to make available a wide spectrum of servicing manuals. Then again workshop manuals could well be produced for various countries and the vehicles released for those nations. Therefore not all workshop manuals may be right for your selected automobile. If you have enquiries whether a individual owners manual is suitable for your motor vehicle do not hesitate to e-mail us hereCompetition Car Composites by Simon McBeath here

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