Rockers and Rollers

Rockers and Rollers by Brian JohnsonBy night Brian Johnson sings in the biggest rock n roll band on the planet. But by day AC/DC s charismatic flat-capped frontman gets to indulge his passion for all things automotive. Cars and rock n roll they were made for each other. Car racer car collector and all-round car enthusiast Johnson is an incurable certifiable petrolhead who can t remember a time when four wheels didn t feature as large in his life as music. Starting as a young boy growing up in Tyneside with an old steering wheel and his imagination a lifelong passion took root early. And through cramped teenage fumbles in an old mini and clapped-out hygienically challenged tour vans to chauffeur-driven leather-trimmed limos and a sideline as a successful racing driver it s been there ever since. By turns surprising joyful poignant and usually laugh-out-loud funny Rockers and Rollers is the story of man with an insatiable appetite for life and a glimpse into the extraordinary world of AC/DC set soon to overtake the Beatles as the biggest selling-band in history.Packed with hair-raising anecdotes and revealing a God-given talent for comic writing on every page Brian Johnson has written the most unique entertaining autobiography of the year. And essential reading for car nuts and rock fans. Well that ll be most of us then…Rockers and Rollers by Brian Johnson lots more

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