HONDA CB350F – 400F Wiring Diagram

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Honda CB350F – CycleChaos The Honda CB350 was a four-cylinder four-stroke 348cc road bike based on the larger fours. Thought of as Hondas “one-up” to the other Motorcycle companies. It was only produced from 1972-74, it was replaced by the larger and sportier 400 four the following year.

Honda CB350F Motorcycle Parts New aftermarket parts for Honda CB350F motorcycles. Check out the growing selection!

Honda CB400F – CycleChaos The 2014 MY Honda CB 400F has been equipped with a small, nose-fairing with a matte windscreen, small side-fairings, a two-piece, two-up seat with passenger grab handles, die-cast, black aluminum wheels, a telescopic front fork, a Pro-Link monoshock as a rear suspension, analogue and digital instrumentation panels and a chromed exhaust system.

CB350F/400F Online Shop Manual For all you 350 four folks out there, here’s a link to a downloadable version of the Honda Service manual for the CB350F and CB400F (the last two files are the suppliment for the 400F.)

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