Concorde : The Ultimate Photographic History

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Hardcover – 240 pages – Concorde is the world #39;s most famous passenger transport aircraft and an icon of 20th century design. When British Airways and Air France withdrew their Concordes from service in 2003 it marked the end of a unique era in supersonic air travel.For this first large-format full-colour tribute to Concorde Jonathan Falconer has scoured a wide range of private collections company archives and media libraries in order to compile a stunning collection of colour photographs that portray Concorde from its first flights in 1969 to its swansong in 2003.Colour illustrations. more…..

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Concorde and the Russian TU-144 on display together in … See more What others are saying “Tupolev at Le Bourget in This ill-fated plane crashed the next day after this photo was taken. (Tragically enough, only a mile away from where The

This is the only image ever photographed of a Concorde … This is the only image ever photographed of a Concorde flying at Mach 2 (1,350 mph). It was taken from an RAF Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with the Concorde for four minutes over the Irish Sea. Note also that, at 60,000 feet of altitude, passengers could see the curvature of the Earth.

Concorde : The Ultimate Photographic History – The … Hardcover – 240 pages – Concorde is the world #39;s most famous passenger transport aircraft and an icon of 20th century design. When British Airways and Air France withdrew their Concordes from service in 2003 it marked the end of a unique era in supersonic air travel.For this first large-format full-colour tribute to Concorde Jonathan …

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